Thursday, December 13, 2007

Week 5 over!

I can't believe that we have done 5 weeks worth of lessons - the time has disappeared in a flash. There has been so much to digest in those 5 lessons and now number 6 has arrived and once again it is full of information - lovely stuff on textured stitches - some of the most beautiful. It was a textured piece of Sharon's that enticed me to attempt these classes - the seahorse piece she uses to advertise the Sumptuous Surfaces class. Now if only I can hope to do something as beautiful as that one day!

This last week was very interesting with its emphasis on shape and direction. This sampler is a combination of that plus an attempt to cover some of the new stitches that Sharon has provided for us. I love the 'pine tree' on the left -unfortunately I had trouble in keeping the cable chain foundation row even, both in tension and in stitch length. Definitely needs more practice. Maybe I need to go back to stitching on Aida.

Stacking rows of stitches produces some negative spaces just crying out for a contrasting stitch pattern. Again, unfortunately my 'lazy daisy' leaves much to be desired! At least I should not be at a loose end for quite some time.

I should have done more work but ran out of time - it is definitely the wrong time of the year for this. However I move on to Lesson 6 and hopefully will manage to do some work in the next week.


Aussie Jo said...

Hi Marg,
Jo-Anne from PLOS,
I love your sampler, beautiful work.
Good luck with more stitching next week, less than two weeks to xmas, yeek!!!

MargB said...

thankyou Jo Anne for your kind comment - I would have liked ot have spent more time on this but as you said Xmas is rolling in - my family start arriving from the four corners of the earth on Sunday - that is great but am I ready?

Vivian said...

very nice stitching!