Saturday, January 12, 2008

2008 has me running already!

Happy New Year. I am excited about 2008 and possibilities for stitching. When I consider that it is only six months since I rediscovered the joys of stitching I am amazed at the ground that has been covered. Sharon Boggon's two classes, Sumptuous Surfaces and Personal Library of Stitches, accelerated the process no end. I cannot remember how long it is since I enjoyed classes so much!

I have started my first piece for Sharon's challenge for the year - Take it Further. She gave us two great options - one, a colour scheme (more about that later ) and the other, a theme - a piece on someone we admire. I want to try both options each month if at all possible. In this way I can optimise the challenge opportunities.

While I have not yet scanned any images I will try to document the process.
After a week spent mulling over the theme I decided that there are a number of people that I admire and the reasons I do so are their generosity, dependability, tolerance, ability to accept challenges. I do have one particular person in mind who possesses these in abundance.

With a postcard as my canvas size I had trouble in deciding how best to get my message across. Perhaps an outstretched hand, palm up, might be the answer? I began where I usually do and googled 'images of hands' for ideas, before drawing one of my own .

I often tend to fall back on my creams and browns as I can usually find the threads and beads in my stash. Besides I am partial to monochromatic stitching - so this is the way to go.

This piece will also be a sample for the last lesson in PLOS - I ran out of time before Christmas. As well, I consider it an extension of my Sumptuous Surfaces learning - definitely a "take it further" exercise!

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monattka said...

I have enjoyed reading about your progress and love the palm-hand design. I will come back to see it stitched. Have a nice weekend! Monika