Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Another felt experiment

This is an attempt to change the density of stitches by layering. I have attempted to depict some grasses inspired by a painting in a 'how to paint' book - copyright could never be contravened as any resemblance is purely coincidental!!! However I added some net over the bottom layer of stitches - black and white were the only colours in net I had available and white didn't produce the effect I wanted on the grey felt. (The same felt I used for the cretan stitching in lesson 1)
After adding another layer of stitches I tried some silk chiffon to produce a shadow effect at the bottom - it was too dark - practically nothing showed through. However more of the black net did do what I wanted. So then I added a third layer for the dark shadow.
The threads used are 2/20, 2/22 and 2/24 woollen weaving yarn that was in the cupboard - fortunate that I had such good grass colours.
I intend to acquire some different coloured nets and also net of different density as this was quit coarse.

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