Thursday, August 20, 2009

Moving on! Carefully now!

The eyelets are finished - couldn't stop, could I?

The threads are cut (without mistakes so far, thank goodness) and I am ready to start the first section of needleweaving. Yvette's instructions in the book are clear.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A new perspective

They say a change is as good as a holiday but, while I can't exactly agree with that statement, I do think a change can give you a new perspective. Recently we rearranged our living area and a woven hanging that was originally over the sideboard near the dining table is now overlooking the lounge chairs. This morning as I drank my coffee I realised just how wonderful the hanging looked from that position. Here it is - the lighting is fairly minimal but the effect is very obvious.

A full sized hanging and the lit section. Quite difficult to believe that this is actually a flat two dimensional piece of fabric mounted on a stretched canvas!

A shadow weave with two shadows using single colour gold weft but three colours,red, white and blue, in its warp. It is also not quite conventional shadow weave in that the spacing between the shadows is not exactly even - a real 'what if' experiment.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Week's Progress

The kloster blocks are finished for the Waterlilies piece - the eyelets come next. The interesting thing about doing a piece of this size as in comparison with the small samples I made earlier is that I am suddenly getting a feel for Hardanger design. Not that I am capable of designing a piece yet but the understanding is increasing.

I did stitch 9 eyelets this morning (Who is counting? Just 39 to go! ) but no photos yet.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Mainly Hardanger.

Firstly the needleweaving from Jenny Gelden's book - some are better than others - ah well, one should always leave room for improvement!
I have joined a SAL that Yvette Stanton mentioned on her blog. To stitch this piece of Hardanger with Yvette available for assistance just seemed too good an opportunity to miss so I ignored my inner voice that said "You can never manage to keep up - ever!"

So far so good! In any case I have decided that I can work at my own pace and will still learn as I plod along. This is a couple of weeks' worth of stitching. I can only stitch using a magnifying lens so this will be slow going.
In the meantime I am also working on my thread painting, again at snail's pace, and trying out some pulled thread work on some fairly heavy handwoven cotton fabric.