Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Finish

After a period of inactivity - a very pleasurable family visit followed by a nasty cold resulted in no stitching in this house for more than three weeks - I have spent my spare moments this week with my Gum Trees. Sadly the colours I have chosen are not easy to photograph and the effect in reality is slightly different.

I found this very enjoyable despite some stitching that needed unstitching - a small price to pay for designing on the run. This is where I decided to stop ( always a difficult decision to make, I have found).

I think I have followed Sharon's Sumptuous Surfaces guidelines despite the low level texture in the finished piece. That class was so good and I learnt so much - I keep hoping she will offer Sumptuous Surfaces 102 some day soon - hint hint.

There are only four stitches used - satin stitch, stem stitch, wave stitch and foursided stitch and the thread is all cotton perle , #8 and #12. I deliberately changed the size of the 4 sided stitch in the leaves in a couple of places - not sure whether to leave it or try again - this show up only in the enlarged version.