Sunday, November 15, 2009

A little stitching accomplished

Stitching life has been fairly slow lately. Waterlilies is finished - well the hardanger embroidery is complete but I intend to make a cushion cover and that will take some time. I think that my future forays into hardanger will avoid those pesky picots. They really seemed to defeat me and spoil an otherwise acceptable piece of embroidery.

Nonetheless I have done some stitching which I really enjoyed. (Sometimes I ask myself why I don't just stick to my comfort zone instead of attempting techniques beyond my capabilities). Also this was stitched at a leisurely pace and that was a nice bonus.

This is the lid for another box . There were seven boxes in all - five became gifts last Christmas. This means I have one left for us. The design is offering a challenge at the moment but I guess it will suddenly appear clear.