Saturday, December 8, 2007

Lesson 5

This is my first sampler for Lesson 5 - unfortunately although I transferred good circles to the felt it refused to stay in shape - so I can pull it around and it looks good on one motif but another then goes askew!

Two of the motifs were inspired by the Ikea inset in yesterday's Courier Mail -I thought this might be nice and Christmasy. I think that next year I might try to make some decorations using this idea.

The top motif is detached chain with threaded back stitch.

The middle one is stitched in cretan stitch and long legged detached chain plus some extra detached chain to hold the legs in place!

The bottom motif has a buttonhole wheel centre, then two backing rows of half chevron with knots in the centre and is surrounded by crested chain.

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