Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Just finished in time for Lesson 5

No, I haven't embroidered this in one day! It is a piece that I began in Lesson 2, when we were studying design, in particular point, and have been working on slowly in the meantime.
The threads are all cotton, some of the 2/20 yarns are handdyed - variegated thread does work quite nicely in a piece such as this.
The fabric is of interesting origin. About 20 ? years ago I did a workshop on marbling and kept all of the pieces I did , despite the fact I found them all rather lurid. I do find it difficult to throw anything away! I couldn't see the front of this fabric being of any use at all - however the back provided the background Iwanted for this stitching. I will scan the fabric and it will be obvious why I needed to reverse it!

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