Thursday, February 26, 2009

A second attempt!

I deleted the previous post because for a reason completely beyond my comprehension Blogger refused to upload this picture. I copied it to a new folder and gave it a new name and hey presto!

Sorry for the confusion.

So here is a (crooked) photograph of the current state of this sampler. The reverse diagonal faggotting is finished. The mitred corners could be better but, this is a first attempt and I do like to leave room for improvement! Now it is time to cut threads and needleweave and I certainly need fantastic light for that exercise. Tomorrow is busy so it will probably have to wait until Saturday.

There was very little stitching done today. I spent quite a deal of time working on some designs of my own. I feel the time has come to try for some originality - not sure that is the right word as most of what I do is inspired and derived from many sources - perhaps personal slant might be better. the only personal slant in most of my work this year has been the mistakes!

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Miss 376 said...

I think we all take inspiration from what we see others do. Look forward to seeing your designs, it sometimes takes courage to have a go at doing your own thing