Sunday, February 22, 2009

More Hardanger

I have not finished stitching anything but feel I need to make another blog entry. Since I adding a bloglist including most of the blogs that I regularly follow I have been calling up Maggies Textiles each time I check to see what everybody else has been doing. I am thoroughly tired of looking at that piece of drawn thread work of mine. So here is some progress, slight that it might be, on the second hardanger sampler. I think there is some improvement in the kloster block stitching (maybe!).

I have changed colour for this one. I am not sure exactly what I will do with these when I am finished. This is the end of my supply of natural linen of this count - 26. However I do have a fat quarter of bright white so I am not totally bereft. I have difficulty working with white-white.
My great news of the week! I found a copy of Yvette Stanton's fantastic Elegant Hardanger Embroidery in an opshop - a real bonus! This has been on my wishlist for some time and I haven't bought before now because it has been fairly readily available in the local library.

Last week we spent a few days back on Mt Tamborine where we lived for nearly 13 wonderful years. It rained most of the time but, nonetheless the mountain was so beautiful. When we left a few years ago it was very dry and not nearly as green as it is at the moment.

This was the view when we opened our eyes each morning. Absolutely wondrous! Who can complain if the towels would not dry overnight?


Jenny said...

I have been to Tambourine Mtn only once & I agree it is beautiful! The Hardanger is comming along nicely too.

Miss 376 said...

What a beautiful place. I love seeing your hardanger pieces. I will try it one day

Elisabeth Braun said...

I know just what you mean! I follow blogs through the BLogger 'Follower' option or from a link list on my browser, rather than from my blog anymore, but I still feel that my blog needs more updates and more something to it!! Perhaps compared to many blogs individually, we're not so unusual, but when you get so many to look at, I wonder if we feel compelled to keep up with the crowd??=)

I love hardanger and have a piece planned for as soon as my college work is back on track and the band sampler is done.