Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kloster Blocks finished.

I have finished the kloster blocks and started the twisted lattice band - then after that are the 8 eyelets. I can't wait for them as I am then moving onto #12 perle cotton. Up to that stage the kloster blocks and twisted lattice have been in #8 cotton. I am enjoying using this colour thread - maybe the next piece might have to be with a variegated cotton. I think that might offer some challenges in the direction the kloster blocks need to be stitched.

Also here is a much better photograph of my last drawn thread sample. I wish my stitching could improve as much as my camera skills.


Miss 376 said...

The kloster blocks look great. I really like that block from last time, looks wonderful in this photo

neki desu said...

this is wonderful Marg!

neki desu

Laurie in Maine said...

I admit I don't yet know the difference between hardanger & drawn thread - but I'm inspired by your surface textured piece to give "it" another try. I took a series of hardanger classes a year or two ago and declared it the most difficult thing ever - mostly because "seeing" the darn threads is so hard!! I've bought a daylight (with magnifying glass) to supplement my sunny window and have bookmarked this entry for continued inspiration. Ordered 2 books as well...but couldn't wait so have been searching the internet for tips. A practice sampler has been started.