Saturday, February 7, 2009

Don't you just love teacosies?

I do, nearly as much as I love teapots! Fortunately I don't really have the soul, the space (or cash) to be a real collector so I only own a few of both.
This cosy was made a few years ago . Double weave is a great structure for this purpose as you can stuff while you weave. I didn't make it reversible - it seemed easier to add a simple cotton lining. To add the flowers in some of the blocks all 16 shafts of the loom were needed for the draft.
I always intended to weave more teacosies in this style but sadly never did. The only other double weave stuff-as-you-go were my sudoku coffee cosies and I don't own them any more.

There is no stitching to show as the drawn thread piece I am stitching at the moment is taking forever to finish. I am quite enjoying the process but, since it is basically an Effie Mitrofanis design from her book on needleweaving, I want to complete it and start a design of my own. Even if it does turn out to be the same old, same old - french knots with some pulled thread stitches and buttonhole circles and maybe some bullion if I really feel adventurous!!!!!! What about an embroidered teacosy?


Paula Hewitt said...

This looks great. i wonder if you could make a whole 'quilt as you go' quilt this way? you could weave patchwork patterns right into the fabric. i think i forgot to respond to your email about your woven quilt - sorry i got busy and it slipped my mind. i will be in touch

neki desu said...

what fun!!

neki desu

Emmy said...

yes I love it

Gina E. said...

I love teacosies too, Marg - as you would see if you scrolled right back through my vintage linen collection blog! On second thought, perhaps I should create a blog just for my embroidered teacosies, as I have for my peacock collection. I'm sure will suddenly see all my blogs and say STOP!!