Monday, February 16, 2009

Drawn Thread - second try!

This time I used the centre of a piece from Effie Mitrofanis' Needleweaving and Embroidery: Embellished Treasures. The surface embroidery is slightly different. I really like the way she uses surface embroidery with needleweaving.
I have been having lots of trouble getting a half decent photograph of this and I am certainly still not happy with my camera work.

I finished the stitching nearly a week ago. I enjoyed the process very much and felt the needleweaving improved as I went along but as you can see there is a massive amount of room for improvement. Still, perhaps I only need about another dozen practice pieces before I might be happy! For the moment I am content to go back to Hardanger and sampler 2. Amazon sent me details of a new-to-me Hardanger book Hardanger Embroidery by Donatella Ciotti - I like the few illustrations given on the site and have added it to my wishlist.


Jenny said...

Very nice. I can definately see influences of Effie's work in this, especially around the corners.

Miss 376 said...

It certainly adds a new dimension, love the embroidery around the edges

neki desu said...

it looks really pretty, but DRATS!! mcafee doesn't let me see the big photo :(
i too like the edges

neki desu

Elisabeth Braun said...

That's an interesting piece. I have a couple of complex patterns from the States that have this kind of work on, but I haven't got to them yet.

No, I didn't design the goldfinches piece. I haven't done any cross stitch design as yet, but I will give it a go one day.=) It's from a Derwentwater Designs kit - a UK company, based in the lovely Lake District, who produce some of the nicest counted thread kits in the country. They do cross stitch and both traditional and modern, coloured blackwork, often in scences or wildlife of Britain.=)

jude said...

i have always looked at this technique but never tried it. it is so cool looking.