Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I am on a roll!

The eyelets and twisted lattice band are finished. I like my eyelets open and was delighted to read this post by Yvette Stanton - the Hardanger guru". I was doing them the correct way - quite a surprise as I almost always manage to work back to front. I am not sure mine are quite as open as Yvette's. Eyelets make great background with surface stitching , especially combined with pulled satin.

I began the reverse diagonal faggotting today and after that is finished comes the scary stuff! It will be time to cut threads and needleweave. I think I am getting hooked on Hardanger - although it is annoying that I need a magnifying lens to work accurately. I would like to try some on 32 count linen - this is 26 or 28. Hopefully that is possible.
I have found that using marking lines every 10 threads has meant I have not needed to unpick. The big challenge will be to remove those threads when the stitching is complete.

Today a visit to the library produced some interesting embroidery books . The one that has been most inspiring so far is about a Brisbane embroiderer, The Life and Embroidery of Mabel McAlister. She was one of the cofounders of the Queensland Embroiderers' Guild. Her life is interesting (I realise she went to school with my mother, probably the same year) but her embroideries are wonderful and, as I said, so inspiring.
Another, Jill Carter's Special Occasions in Embroidery, has some interesting designs from which I can also acquire some ideas. Then there is one on beaded dimensional embroidery that I have barely skimmed. How am I going to find time to stitch?


Miss 376 said...

I love eyelets. it is the cutting with hardanger that would have me worried. Love seeing this piece progressing, look forward to the next installment

karen said...

I love this work you are doing. Cutting the threads is VERY scary, I empathise.
Hold on tight and go for it!!

Yvette said...

Hi Maggie,

Yvette Stanton here (Hardanger guru? - Blush!). I think your eyelets are beautiful, and going on to some newer posts, your Hardanger panel in its entirety is very lovely. You should be very proud of your work.

Any questions about Hardanger, feel free to email me or hop on over to my blog to ask!

With best wishes,