Sunday, January 20, 2008

Change of direction

After spending 3 nights stitching and unpicking I have tried both these ideas and have decided to shelve them for the moment. I think I need to stitch the design quite differently.

So while I have settled on something simpler I am not exactly sure how I will interpret it. Since the colour of the fabric is exactly the same as the palest DMC flosses it is suggesting pulled thread work. The linen is 32 count so that would provide an even bigger challenge!
I purchased the floss in the colours that Pam Kellogg kindly suggested (did I really need more stranded cotton?). My monitor certainly didn't suggest these colours but I found a site ( )giving RGB values for DMC floss that suggested Pam's choices were much closer.
Initially I converted the hex numbers on the palette to RGB numbers as I wanted to play on my weaving software . I thought 4 of the colours might look good in a 4 coloured double weave design but when I tried them out I did not like the resulting draft at all. Nonetheless it was certainly an interesting exercise.
Anyway above are the paisley shapes and, as I said, the execution of the design is still fluid!

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neki desu said...

great chart thanks for posting.
i thought that DMC colors were standard, but woe! they aren't! My
3787 green is brown gray in the chart :(

neki desu