Thursday, January 17, 2008

Our trees and the colour theme for January TIF

We have some gumtrees growing in the block behind. The block on which we live is quite small - certainly not big enough for even one of the smaller varieties of eucalypts - so I am delighted to be able to enjoy such magnificent trees next door. When we moved back to the city from our 2 acres in the country I was delighted to be able find a house with this outlook.

One day sitting in a waiting room I tried to sketch two of these from memory. While I usually find it impossible to produce a satisfactory drawing this rough scribbling could serve the purpose.
I need an outline for an embroidery of gumtree trunks, looking at the coloration of the bark. This seemed a good place to start.
I am not sure how it will work with the colour palette chosen for the month - however I tell myself that colours look quite different in different lights and, besides, I am not aiming for realism.
There are two different ideas floating around in my head at this stage. One is to use running stitch with a single strand of cotton floss while the other is to do this in pulled thread stitches - I am tempted to do both working on them at the same time. Is there sufficient time left before next month's challenge turns up? Maybe, as the size will be postcard and if I don't finish they can join the WISP pile. I am not very keen on adding to this as my WISPs seem to become WISVPs!
I want to extend Sharon's palette - stay within the same sections of the colour circle but add extra shades to the palette. When I first saw the colours I decided that I would need to add at least one complementary shade and then when Sharon showed us her quilt block it transpired that she had also used some gold so I feel it is quite legitimate!

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