Tuesday, January 29, 2008

One of my favourite fabrics

Thankyou to everyone for the thoughtful comments on my TIF piece. I continue to be amazed by the variety of techniques used for the first month of the challenge.

As promised yesterday I posted a photo of a fabric I wove in the 4 colour double weave technique in 2005. It was for a weaver friend who made a lovely jacket with it for her daughter's wedding. An enlargement of the photo shows the separate threads in more detail.

The colours used were purple, grass, terracotta and fire Interestingly, while these were the yarn manufacturers names for the colours, the purple was identical with the DMC 333 and fire, with the thread I chose for the flower centres. It is easy to see why the colour interactions in this weave fascinate me. Since this fabric was not for me I needed to weave a series of samples using the colours in different orders in the structure . The set of samples is all I have left but I can still spend time enjoying the clolour play. When I was looking for a suitable photograph I wondered how long it will be before I can return to the loom - I have a lovely stash of colours and a good selection of drafts ready to go.

Colour is so wonderful and, while I still haven't managed to solve the reason I froze with my design for January, I am looking forward to Sharon's selection of colours for next month.


fiona d said...

These colours are fabulous - I could look at the large version of that for a long time! When I did a little research into pointillism for the course I'm doing I was very interested to learn about its relationship to woven tapestry, and to think about how many textile techniques lend themselves to playing with colour mixing. I'd find it hard to work with someone else's colour choice no matter what the colours were, I guess I should do that for at least one of the months this year, as a discipline.

Kay said...

That is a beautiful piece of fabric. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting, and I'm glad anything I said was helpful. It's so interesting to get a weaver's perspective on color, something I never thought about, but of course the interplay of color becomes essential. Well--we move on; another month, another challenge, right?

neki desu said...

oohhh! 4 color dw!!!!!!! love it to pieces. beautiful work you've done.
maybe we could exchange drafts.
glad to have found another weaver:)
neki desu

btw your biscornu will be great too.