Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Still Lesson 3

This is just playing with the elements of design using stitches I have learnt in this Lesson 3. However as a design I have to admit it is a disaster! Nonetheless I am documenting it with my other samplers because it has certainly been a learning experience.

There were a variety of threads used for this stitching -ranging from a 2/20 mercerised handdyed weaving leftover to perle3 in cottons, a handdyed fine woollen yarn, and some medium sized linen thread.

I don't enjoy couching very much - I have trouble in persuading the thicker 'thread' to lie just where I would like. These exercises indicate what is needed to be practised when the class finishes. Many of the stitches still require an instruction sheet beside me while I work.

I look forward to Sharon's challenge for 2008 - - to be inspire me to continue the voyage I started this year.

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