Saturday, November 24, 2007

Chain, chain amd more chain!

Lesson 3 is concentrating on line and how it can be stitched. This sampler is my attempt at a number of different chain stitches.

Starting from the right : Chain stitch; Heavy chain stitch; Feathered chain stitch; Cable chain stitch; Open chain stitch; Zigzag chain stitch; Twisted chain stitch; Threaded chain stitch; Zigzag cable chain stitch; Knotted cable chain stitch; Rosette chain stitch; and Whipped chain stitch.

And that is not even the complete set of chain stitch!!! The thread used was perle cotton in weights from 3 to 8. It could be instructive to repeat this exercise in woollen yarn.

I am unhappy with my tension but am sure that that can be rectified with practice.

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