Sunday, November 11, 2007

Something to show at last!

I do realise that it has been a long time between posts. However that is because I have not had anything to add. I have been playing with blackwork samples and intend to scan the first one as soon as I finish it. I had hoped to be able to do so before last Thursday when Sharon Boggon's new class began but didn't manage to do so.

The new class I am doing is Develop your own personal library of stitches (PLOS).

I am enjoying myself and have completed the first sampler . This started out to be an investigation of Guilloche stitch and some variations within the stitch - however as usual I moved in another direction altogether and the study of variations has been postponed to another day.

The Guilloche stitch was used for a border and as this was so braidlike I decided to use the sampler to see what other braids I could stitch. I am quite pleased with the result but do realise there is room for improvement in the execution of the stitches.

What did I learn?

I like the effect of the DMC Antique Effects in the Pekinese stitch but would avoid that thread in the future - it is difficult to thread - it is impossible to control when I stitch. My skills are just not up to that. Threaded Pekinese is very effective and would have been a much better border than the Guilloche - it could handle a smooth curve nicely . This was on this week's TAST.

I liked, no loved, the Guilloche but need to spread the stitches a little - the stem stitch is lost. I definitely will try the variations but probably not this week.

I need to spend more time with the herringbone and feather to see what other kinds of braids I can come up with.

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