Thursday, November 22, 2007

Waltzing Matilda

Quite some time ago I wove some double weave using a name draft with the words "Waltzing Matilda" as its basis (the top scan).
The fabric is quite a narrow strip as it was woven for a sample exchange. However since it was quite a long warp I decided I could make a vest using this fabric for the vest fronts and wove another double weave in checks in the same beige and white yarns (2/20 mercerised cotton) for the back.
However there was still a fair amount of fabric left. I had kept it with the intention of 'doing something' with it eventually. Well that day eventually arrived - for a short section, at least.
In our Personal Library of Stitches lesson 2 a design exercise was to use fabric from our stash with geometric designs in which points dominate and examine what happens if one embroiders on it with stitches from this lesson. Handwoven is often a good example of such a fabric and I chose this one.
I did want to try the embroidered circles with longtailed lazy daisy but on completion I have decided that maybe I got carried away. It may have looked better in a lighter tone thread! Never mind! There is ample left to repeat the experiment after the class has finished. Now it is onto Lesson 3 with its emphasis on "line"!

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