Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nothing to show for today

I have no photos or scans - however I have learnt something. I had kept a pile of used Colour Catcher sheets because they had interesting colour patterns. The thought was maybe I could use them for embroidery. Definitely not a proposition for hand embroidery. A real pity as the mottled dye effect was just perfect. I tried some Portuguese Stem Stitch. The needle tore the fabric unless the stitch was enormous and probably would still have done so if I had pulled the stitch. I had joined two sheets with a machine zigzag seam and that was not a problem so maybe I won't throw them out yet as machine embroidery may work. Not sure but worth a try.

Today it occurred to me that there was a nice piece of grey woollen felted fabric that could be useful for a sampler. Unfortunately it is too thick for the hoop I am using. I need to try some cretan without a hoop and see how it goes.

I have also remembered my stash of hand-dyed fabric that I acquired by virtue of an international dye swap 8 or 9 years ago. While some was used to make fabric boxes twelve months ago there are quite a number of interesting pieces still in the cupboard, just begging to be used.


verobirdie said...

argh, I'm keeping color catcher sheets for embroidery too. Find it is an easy way to dye some fabrics :-)
I'll soon try hand and machine embroidery on them and tell you what I get !

MargB said...

They come out of the wash and look so attractive, don't they? I just can't bear to throw them away - hope FME works - hopefully they will be stiff enough to use without a hoop - the zigzag down the middle would have taken some disguising.

MargB said...

Vero I also meant to say - I look forward to what you produce