Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Started planting

Choosing colours has been fun - unfortunately they don't show up on the scan as well as they should, especially the greens. The garden edging is actually the colour of lavender foliage not grey. The flower colours are not too bad. This is a bit like real life gardening - after it is planted and flowering I often wonder why I chose a particular plant for that position. Ah well! And just as in real life I don't have the heart to pull up a flowering plant so I haven't changed any of the colours I have chosen so far.


Paula Hewitt said...

I cant inmagine you unpicking all those tiny french knots just becuase youve changed your mind about colour. I think it coming alog well. Scans and photos never show things to their full advantage. I might try scanning my emxt embroidery instead of photoing it- maybe then it wont be blurry!

neki desu said...

In total awe here.Talk about labor intensive.lLooking forward to seeing the finished piece.

neki desu

Threadspider said...

This is like seeing a lovely garden grow-it is so beautiful.I know what you mean about needing to work in broad daylight-the eyes don't seem to cope as well with dimness or lengthy periods when we- erm, mature!