Friday, April 25, 2008

Am I going crazy?

I am not sure what I am trying to prove but I have decided to stitch two projects out of two different books. The first is from a book I have borrowed from the library Little book of Parterre and Knot Gardens in French Knots by Christine Harris. I have always loved knot and parterre gardens but never had the patience to produce an actual one in the garden. This seems like a nice opportunity to have my own parterre. Besides I read the reviews of the book on Amazon and as someone there said the designs are all small and would only take a couple of nights stitching. Well the designs are very tiny but I have already decided that this is a WISP and certainly will take a deal longer than a couple of nights. The knots are single wrap knots in one, and occasionally, two strands of floss with the nine square inches of design are to be totally covered in these minute knots. I have already stitched two lengths of floss and the only way I can verify that the knots have been stitched correctly is to use the large magnifier!

The scan above is the last design in the book "Alison's parterre garden" - however I have already added a few changes: the colours will be certainly be of my own choosing- only then can it be Maggies parterre!

The second project is from Trish Burr's Redoute Flowers book - something I have wanted to do for some time. My appetite has been whetted by the beautiful iris that Elmsley Rose has stitched and described so beautifully on her blog - Her attention to detail is amazing. I am almost scared to attempt one of these flowers but having collected the threads to stitch both the single rose and the magnolia I am beginning with the rose. I donot intend to change anything for this piece but will follow the instructions as closely as possible (not sure how I will go as I often have difficulties in merely following instructions on how to stitch a particular stitch but I can only try).
I usually prefer to go my own way and to design my own work. However we left the most magnificent magnolia tree behind when we made the last shift and I am very keen to preserve those memories in stitch. I am not quite sure enough of my abilities to start with the magnolia hence the single rose, which I admire also (our roses were not very successful except for an Albertine that tried to take possession of the whole roof at one stage - and I am very sure there is no way I could portray that beautiful blousy Albertine in thread).
There is no urgency to hurry either of these projects so I will plod along and try to document my efforts here alongside the TIF and other textile happenings.


Paula Hewitt said...

yes! We do seem to have similar tastes in embroidery.I have both the french knot book and the redoute. (you can borrow the french knot book anytime you want) - I have yet to make a project out of either, but I am trying to be good and finish up WISP first. I do like french knots, but one strand sinlge wrap knots are tiny - bring your magnifier for the next show and tell for me!

Elmsley Rose said...

Would you believe I've only just found your blog? I thought you only had that one that has a hundred or so members!

Well, I've found it now, and really look forward to being able to follow *your* work.

I think you've made the right decision in doing the rose first. It looks a bit easier. I shouldn't have done the Iris first - it's definitely one of the harder projects in the book. The Poppies are much, much, much easier.

Terry said...

Love your Rose and I also have both of the books you mention and I am hooked on the Berlin Embroidery which are also thread/needle painting