Thursday, April 10, 2008

Alysha's biscornu

This has kept me occupied recently - a biscornu - it is a birthday gift for a young neighbour. I am not sure if she is doing needlework yet but I think these little cushions are treats on their own.
The new-to-me stitch was tulip stitch and it was fun to do in Anchor variegated perle. I used green Finca perle for the herringbone and DMC floss, 2 strands for the crossstitch.
I think biscornu is a lovely form for needlework - I have ideas for the next one floating around in my brain already.
Just a comment - I was caught out badly - the cybersampler letters , which I love, were supposedly 13 stitches high. Foolishly I didn't check until the A was half done as it was going to finish much too early. I had doubled the number of stitches in both directions so I assumed it would finish 26 by 26. No - it was only 11 stitches and while that may not have mattered too much if I had not been doubling the stitches 4 stitches less really upset the applecart. However the fly stitch managed to save the day as I am not certainly very happy to unpick masses of crossstitch. I can so easily cut a thread!

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