Saturday, May 3, 2008

Maggie's garden grows.

I am not sure my pansies are all that successful. I have been studying my gardening books for colour combinations to use. While the pansies' colours were accurate, combined in such a small space they didn't look as good as I had hoped. I found some variegated thread for the nasturtiums and heliotropes. I leave it to your imagination which is which.
Since my last blog entry I discovered another book by Christine Miller - French Knot Pictures . She uses the same techniques and produces some beautiful garden landscapes - again, all in French knots. Maybe I need to stitch a landscape at some future date!
Sharon's TIF for May is available. The colours are soft blues and pinks so the palette should be enjoyable. The concept is "What do I call myself? And why?" I am not sure this one is for me. However I am still trying to decide whether I will take up that particular challenge or not.


neki desu said...

you've done a lot of stitching, goodness!

neki desu

Paula Hewitt said...

I think is is lovely - the colours look nice - i think you are very ambitious trying to do pansies on such a small scale. ill see you soon!

Kay said...

I would agree with Paula that this is very ambitious. I like the meticulousness (If there's such a word) of it.