Sunday, January 29, 2012

On a Roll!

Well, this is almost the end of my insertion investigation - I have one more buttonhole and one more cretan to try and then I am ready for whatever comes on Tuesday.As I said in a previous post this has been fun and I hope whatever the enw stitch is it will offer just as much joy.

My cretan explorations to date

Cretan Insertion or Open Cretan Insertion

Knotted Cretan Insertion

Twisted Cretan insertion

Half Cretan Insertion

 This was the order in which I tried the various techniques.  Amazingly the twisted was the most difficult in which to maintain the right tension.
I also had some trouble in keeping the distance from the edge even - however it is not impossible for me


Miss 376 said...

I haven't done my cretan stitch yet. these look really interesting

Raphaela said...

Beautiful explorations.

Isabelle said...

I had never though using this stitch in this way. But how can you obtain than the two fabric pieces do not move when you stitch it ?

Kathleen said...

It is not a herringbone stitch. The Herringbone makes an X on the top.
This is a cretan stitch. Kathy