Sunday, April 11, 2010

A new (old) direction!

There are times when blogger drives me insane!!!!!! I can't add photos where I want them so this entry may require patience to follow. I do apologise. However having waited some time for the images to load I don't want to repeat the exercise - so this is like one of those old books where the plates are in one section and the description elsewhere!.

The first photos are some samples made in 2005 of echo weave in cotton and wool - I had always intended to return and produce longer lengths of fabric. My next warp will definitely be an echo weave using 3 echoes and probably this draft.

However for the moment I want to weave the wool chair fabric for our dining chairs which we inherited from my parents. The last photo is of that warp now ready to go.

Now the entry as I intended to write it ....

Very little embroidery has been accomplished in the last couple of weeks. I do have 3 more biscornu to photograph and add to the blog - I have stuck to my resolution for this first four months - hopefully I will manage to keep up .
The last couple of weeks I have been tidying and making a decision or two in relation to weaving. Do I sell my loom and my stash? Or would I give it one more try? I pulled out all the cones of 2/20 cotton that I foolishly acquired a few weeks before I got sick. It was extremely scary to see it all in one place but the colour selection was absolutely gorgeous perfect for the 4 coloured double, shadow and echo weaves that I wanted to weave! For almost 4 years I have spent very little time at the loom which sported a 2/20 cotton warp of pale aqua. Originally I loved it but after it had given me "the guilts" every time I went into the room for years- that love turned to hate. If I wanted to weave something elseit needed to be woven off. The very simple bronson lace was originally intended for a blouse for me. Now I still don't like the fabric - however my daughter, Suzy, (who designs and sews lovely gear for little girls) thinks she can make herself something from it - otherwise it was to be serviettes. That warp liked me as much as I loved it - the most devilish selvedge threads just kept getting looser and looser ... to say nothing about the ones that snapped regularly! I don't have a decent photo of the yardage - it wasn't very photogenic and I gave up trying.
Now it is on to the chair fabric. Tomorrow I can't wait to check the threading and weave off the 5+metres. Then echo weave - here I come!!!


Miss 376 said...

Ooh, how lovely to get back to the weaving. It must be a wonderful feeling to produce a piece of fabric and put it to good use.

Susan D said...

I installed Windows Live Writer after Purple Missus and a few other bloggers recommended it. So far so good it's a lot easier.

Elmsley Rose said...

I love the echo weave! Especially the second one.

Also, I totally second Susan D's recommendation for Windows LiveWriter. You prepare your posts off-line. Loading photos is far far quicker. There are much much better editing (including picture) facilities.
You can preview your post.
And when you're done, just push a button and off it goes to be published in your blog (you simply tell it your blog's name when you are setting up).
I love it, and always use it unless writing just a short textual post.

neki desu said...

it's always such good news when an accomplished weaver like you gets back to it.think of all the joy you're going to give us!

Barbara Gordon said...

I find the first tool quite interesting along with your weaver to. To bad I have enough projects already...or else!