Friday, April 23, 2010

Nearly done! And a touch of embroidery!

The warp is almost finished! I am very pleased with the cloth and the process. The packing paper in the warp is all gone and just half a round of the warp beam is left - about a metre of weaving. Already there is enough for 6+ chairs. So maybe I haven't quite forgotten how.
I did manage to pick up a needle. My first issue of RAKAM arrived. This is an Italian embroidery magazine with some absolutely exquisite blackwork and pulled thread work in this February issue. The only drawback is that I now need to study the Italian language to get full value from the magazine. However I have had incredible assistance from some very talented Italian embroiderers on stitchin fingers Pulled Threads group. So with their help and the great diagrams I find I am not totally working in the dark.
I was very taken with piece of white work that is unlike any pulled thread I had done previously. It requires every fifth thread in both directions to be removed after an outline of the area is done in overcast stitch - a very scary operation and I was only working on a small sample. However once the threads are all successfully cut counting is much, much easier.
The satin stitch section which I think would have been sufficient on its own
Plus my not very expert dove's eyes - unfortunately I changed tack midway and thought I could substitute Greek cross. The original used dove's eyes but the difference is minimal and if I had done a better job I don't think the change would have been particularly discernible.

I like the effect but will try another sample before deciding whether or not to attempt a larger complete piece similar to that in RAKAM.
Thankyou Susan and Megan for telling me about Live Writer - I have not used it yet but downloaded the program .


Elizabeth Braun said...

Hi! Did you hear of 'Rakam' through my blog? I can get it off the shelf here in Taipei (amazingly enough!), but I used to get copies in Germany from the international press shops in the major railway stations. The euro title I like best is a French one called 'Broderie Traditionelle', which I can't get here. However, we will call in at Germany for a while on the way home....

This is my fave dictionary site, in case you need it with foreign lang mags.

neki desu said...

glad to hear you havent' forgotten how to weave- it's like riding bikes.
now we want to see that fabric

re italian may i suggest
i'm doing the japanese and it's very effective. i'm doing the free option where you can download the podcasts and videos.
the pulled thread work is very pretty.

sharonb said...

I know I am a little late with this but I wanted to say how nice those samples look - just delicious in a restrained tasteful way