Friday, March 26, 2010

January's Biscornu

While I did not start to stitch this piece until February, it is my first "Pocket Project" (I love that terminology from Inspirations - although it should probably be admitted that all my work consists of "Pocket Projects"). I would like to make twelve of these this year - possibly my 2010 challenge. There is something about this shape that I find fascinating. Maybe I will try one with 15 sides before December.
For a return to stitching I decided to use the undoctored pattern for a *taellesyning biscornu from Inspirations #59. An unusual decision for me. I tend to try to stitch my own design, or, at the very least, a more or less adapted version of someone else's. I really enjoy the design process as well as the actual stitching and honestly feel this is a method of learning that suits me.
This is a tiny biscornu, stitched on linen, compared to my previous Aida efforts. My limited manipulative skills made it very difficult to join and stuff. I think the linen was 28 count and I used Finca perle cotton #8 .
*The spelling tallesyning finds a couple of articles on Google.


Miss 376 said...

It looks tiny, but beautiful. Have fun with the next one

neki desu said...

so pretty. i'd be one happy camper with your "limited manipulative skills"