Monday, March 16, 2009

Who Needs a Spiral Buttonhole?

Exactly! I cannot imagine why I imagined spiral buttonhole was the only thing for the centre of this piece. After unpicking two attempts and washing out the pencilled circles I decided that wrapped wheels would fill the space quite adequately. I enjoy wrapping wheels and maybe, one day, I might, after masses of practice, manage to enjoy a spiral buttonhole!

This is my third drawn thread square - do I now stick with this format of 4 inch squares? or do I try something different? Decisions, decisions!

What is next ? Paula has loaned me two books on crewel - I want to make a start on that soon. Perhaps I should begin to stitch one of the three biscornu that I am committed to make? Maybe some cutwork? I have an idea to use for the Stitch Explorer Challenge for March. I am having trouble in sticking to my resolution to start and finish one thing at a time as there are so many exciting projects calling.

This is the front garden frangipani - the one with the amazing fragrance.


Miss 376 said...

Oh don't you just hate all those choices, lol! The middle of the square looks great as it is. Whatever you decide to do next, I look forward to seeing it

neki desu said...

your piece looks exquisite.
and i'm very jealous. i have this thing about frangipanies.takes me back to my childhood in the tropics

neki desu