Friday, March 13, 2009

Some Needleweaving

Not exactly finished but the basic needleweaving in the drawn thread section is done.My progress is, as ever, very slow but, nonetheless, enjoyable.

I am happy with this work - I had so many bundles of loose threads along each side of the square - why would one do something sensible like calculating in advance? So the problem was - what could be done with 15 bundles? - and this is where I finished. Is this called designing? I hope so.

Some of the marking threads are visible - I have become completely paranoid about miscounting early in the piece (and, even worse, later in the piece) and, in this case, not ending up a with real square so I thread mark every 10 threads in both directions. I started to do this with my second piece of Hardanger and found it wonderful not to need to unpick frequently. One can wing some things but definitely not Hardanger!

Another photo of the parking station from yesterday - I feel there is at least one embroidery in this. The pattern on the concrete is so very interesting and I love the rhythm of those stairs.


Miss 376 said...

I sometimes look at stained windows and see interesting designs in them, fascinating where inspiration can come from. I've been looking forward to seeing this square, looks good so far. Look forward to the next stage

Virtual Quilter said...

The stairs do look interesting against the texture on the wall. Definitely an embroidery there!
Judy B

Jackie said...

Despite the fact that I hardly ever do hand stitch, I do love needleweaving and wish I had more time.