Tuesday, September 16, 2008

September TIF - Lists and Lists! Anyone for afternoon tea?

This is as you can see unfinished as I am not sure what to do with the separate blocks. The theme for this month was "lists". My first thought was a stitching of the leaning tower of Pisa but fortunately I decided against that - Paula has done a much better interpretation of that meaning than I could ever have managed - do go see her Whale Makes List .

I then thought of Tony Buzan's memory aid (I am sure he can be found on the web but this is from memory - I read his book in 1979 so I hope I am correct). He suggests if you have a collection of things you want to remember then draw a picture in your head for each - beginning with the same letter as the item - e.g. I need some sugar then the image I choose is that of a snake. I did not find this particularly helpful. It always seemed to me much easier to remember the actual item rather than an image I had dreamt up to replace it.
However when it came to this month's TIF challenge I decided to stitch a "list" of what I might need to make a cake!!

As may, or may not be, obvious I also used the month's colours - possibly a mistake as I think the images would have been more attractrive in primary colours. All the pictures are worked in stem stitch in stranded cotton - two strands - on calico scraps. I don't know if this will ever be finished but I did find some fabric in my stash that could be used as background. The only problem is that I am not a patchworker.
This was a fairly speedy exercise - whereas I usually spend a couple of weeks on the TIF challenge, I only started to stitch these on Sunday.


Paula Hewitt said...

ok -I'll bite - what do elephants, frog, mice etc have to do with making cakes...... very cute stitcheries by the way. I couldnt really see the colours well - but primarty colours would be nice with these
. ps thanks! glad you liked the whale.

MargB said...

Sorry - I thought everyone was aware of Buzan's idea - I have added what it was . The image starts with the same letter as the item required to be remembered - S for sugar - S for snake!