Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Flower embroideries - #2

Well I am not sure I am not jumping the gun when I say this is finished! I feel that perhaps I should do further stitching on this one. Part of my problem is that it is an Inspirations design and I would like to add my own 'bits' to it. I have not used the colours suggested nor is it an exact copy - however there is not enough of my 'own work' in the design to completely satisfy me. Nonetheless, I think that I will say it is finished for now and go ahead and begin #3.
I have had a wonderful time stitching lots of bullion stitches and French knots.
Added later: I meant to point out the wonderful little butterfly beads that I found for these embroideries - they just happened to be in a bag of beads leftover from the ones I used for the girls' embroidery boxes last Christmas !!!


Jocelyn in NZ said...

Beautifully done! I really love this, and your colours are simply perfect.

Thelma said...

I love it Maggie,,I think you done a fantastic job with it. That's what being creative is all about,,taking something and making it your own.

Elisabeth Braun said...

I thought I recognised this from somewhere! You've made a lovely job of it.

Lovely blog, I've bookmarked it to come back again soon!=)