Thursday, September 18, 2008

Flower embroideries - #1

Wonders will never cease! Here I am with four blog entries in three days after a hiatus of weeks! I have been stitching, just not spending time on my blog (and very little else on the computer). There just does not seem to be enough time to do both.

I decided to start some flower embroideries for my granddaughters for Christmas - they are six and seven years old so any colour as long as it is pink will be great! I had borrowed Diane Lampe's book from the library and my first one is based on her season embroideries but the flowers are not as realistic as in her book .
The patches are intended for the centre of some cushions - not sure at this stage what to use for the actual cushion cover.

The stitching is in cotton thread much of which is stranded floss, the rest, perle. The fabric used is a quite good quality calico. What is interesting is how much easier it is to stitch some stitches on the tighter weave of the calico as opposed to on 28 count linen - my usual fabric. I love using linen and know there is no comparison of quality, but French Knots, in particular, seem to cause me problems occasionally on the linen but never on the calico. The cushions are meant to be used and enjoyed - so will get dirty and must be washable.
I had lots of fun stitching this one and am already half way through the second and ther are only three to do! Maybe this is the year I will manage to complete the handmade gifts I had planned .


Vicki W said...

The embroidery is beautiful!

Paula Hewitt said...

aha! very pretty...and at least I understand this one - I bet i was the only person who didnt get the list! :)

it looks like you unpicked the heavier perle thread on the buttonhole flowers - if not it all looks good now anyway.

I prefer to do french knots etc on calico rather than linen - I know you *can* do them on linen but its a bit of a pain.

Veri said...

oh - a very beautiful embroidery - I love it. greetings - Veri

neki desu said...

i'm sure those cushions will get "stolen"
by your gdaughters moms.the stitching speaks pretty spring

neki desu

Thelma said...

oh it is beautiful!!! It is so neat seeing your work,,Diane's book is so inspirational.

Miss 376 said...

This looks lovely, really enjoy looking at it

Reshmi Nair said...

Amazing Superb work..!! I am new to your blog but just loved reading it.. Lovely embroidery work..!!