Friday, May 16, 2008

Hot off the hoop!

Well, my parterre is finished at last. It still needs to be washed. The scary part!

I have enjoyed this exercise and learnt a few things. One of the reasons I don't follow instructions (beside the fact that I am basically a rebel) is that I feel I learn from my mistakes. I certainly hope so.

What have I learnt?
1. The silk and wool twill fabric, although lovely to handle, was probably not as suitable as calico may have been.
2.I need to make sure I pull my thread firmly for each knot.
3.Colour choice was a little haphazard. My plantings were not chosen with any great plan in mind (typical of my gardening style!) I think the brick colour for the pavers is a tad dark.
4. There is a right way and there is a wrong way to thread a needle, especially a #10 crewel.
5. And finally, I like doing this work and want to try again sometime.


Paula Hewitt said...

well done! I am looking forward to seeing this.

neki desu said...

Goodness it's finished! Congratulations

neki desu

islandgirlA/alicia in Hawaii said...

Hi Maggie, I really like this piece. I've been to your site several times, and I always scroll down to see find this picture. I really like the just draws me in.
I learned to spin when me and hubby evacuated from Hurricane Katrina. When we left New Orleans (hubby was coast guard) we made the best of it by exploring the central area of Louisiana. I found a great sheep farm...with wonderful sheep people. She spun to weave...amongst other things, and I so wanted to learn to weave. I leaned to spin though, then we had to move back to the city and I missed any chance there to learn to weave. It calls to me though. My mom's family is from Nova Scotia...all textile and farm mom looks at what I do now and says, for them, that was called Work! lol smiles, alicia in Hawaii