Monday, August 27, 2007

Weaving again!!!!

No I have not given up blogging - just been busy.
Yes, I am back on the loom. I thought that I might have forgotten how but it doesn't quite work like that. I do manage to drop the shuttle occasionally but that is just clumsiness.

I have retied the 4CDW black and white warp that was originally intended for Pete's vest - his birthday present. I used two greys in the weft and got my "skink" fabric. Photos will follow in the near future - of both fabrics, not the vest unfortunately, as I forgot to take one of it before I gave it away. For the second section of the warp I have changed the treadling and weft colours - it is so interesting. I am still addicted to 4CDW - the colour interactions mean one never gets bored.

However since I find that I can't weave for very long each day I have been back sampling stitches. I want to try as many pulled work stitches as I can before I start the Opera House.
The picture above is my latest sample piece - I used it to help make decisions for the Butterfly Effect as well as my pulled stitches. I don't cover much ground in any one day but I am learning (and increasing that vocabulary). I had quite a bit of trouble with Pulled Honeycomb but think it was conquered eventually.
Sometimes I wonder if a sample piece is not similar to a dye cloth used to wipe up the spills - almost a composition in its own right!
I have also been rereading some of the needlework books off my bookshelf . I am finding I am approaching these differently after having done the Sumptuous Surfaces course. The Needlework School has an interesting contemporary blackwork piece illustrated. This has piqued my interest.

So there is plenty to learn.

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