Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Peace in your heart

Well...what a week! No time for blogging - I got carried away stitching French Knots instead. Hopefully the execution of this stitch improved as the piece progressed. I think my monochromatic piece is finished. Unfortunately the colours in the photograph are much darker than the original; possibly because the texture is so thick that the flash couldn't penetrate.

What have I learnt?

1.Maybe I can start with a concept and develop a finished piece - thankyou Sharon. It has been a wonderful three lessons and I can't wait to start again and include colour into the mix this week.

2.That I love hand stitching . Amazingly as I get older and time seems to disappear much too quickly, the more I realise that time is something to be savoured, not gobbled in gulps.

3. Not really something new - I love playing with creams and whites. (However I love colour interactions also - so maybe I just like playing!)

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