Monday, August 13, 2007

One day at a time!

My progress is quite slow. This was yesterday's effort and I did spend a good portion of the day stitching. While I eventually made a decision on this background I am nonetheless struggling with how to make it a less sombre piece. The actual work is not quite as dark as the scan.

I did try some knots and because they were deep purple, deep blue violet and red they added to the overall darkness of the piece. (Unpicking a pile of knots is definitely not much fun!) Maybe this is where the beads at the end lift everything!

Also I am not sure what I can use for some background in the outer areas. As well, the butterfly in the top right hand corner has me completely stumped at the moment. Definitely more questions than answers!

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Julie said...

Maggie -

I don't think it looks sombre. But if you think so, a little yellow or green and orange might help. However, I suspect that it will look less sombre once you add beads. Or you could add sequins. It's hard to think anything with sequins is sombre!