Wednesday, January 21, 2009

November TIF

Since all I produced for November was some ancient weaving I decided that I would try to play with my initial. The theme for this month as I saw it was to look at the shape of text .

M is quite an interesting letter to dissect - it appealed to me because it is totally repetitious!

Again the fabric is my favourite, 28 count linen, and the thread is cotton perle #8 and #12. The stitching is fairly unambitious - even the pulled thread stitches I had used previously. This was my "pick up and don't have to think" piece.

My original heading for this entry was "Drawing a line under the TIF challenge" - however, since I have finished this piece which makes my twelfth embroidery for 2008, I have realised that the end of the 2008 challenge was really only the beginning for me. I have quite a few ideas that did not reach fruition last year - some of them are destined to remain hidden forever but there are some that I want to pursue. So I am certainly not done with TIF - hopefully there will be something to show in the future.

I am delighted that I managed to hang in for the whole of the year. This year my intention is to pick and choose what I would like to try from Sharon's new challenge - chicken scratch is not one of the styles I want to pursue at this stage. Nonetheless I am grateful to Sharon for again offering the opportunity to try new things.

At the moment I am finishing as many WIPs and WISPs as possible before beginning anything too exciting- even the start of the second hardanger sampler must wait for the moment - not sure how long I will be able to withstand temptation!


Jenny said...

Congrats on finishing the challenge. I think I stopped at May.

Miss 376 said...

I came in late on this, but have enjoyed seeing what you have done with TIF.