Monday, June 2, 2008

Thankyou for the feedback

How wonderful! Thankyou to everyone who generously made comments on the previous two entries. I do learn so much from this helpful criticism. Despite my uneasiness about the piece I find that objectivity is difficult to achieve so I really appreciate the effort made.

I certainly hadn't occurred to me how wrong the black is in the butterfly but once Meg said it I realised, how true- maybe a dark blue or a very deep black brown would have been much more satisfactory.

Megan's suggestion that I shift the butterfly is a good one. Originally I had intended to use long and short stitch but when I thought about the sett of the linen weave I decided on the French Knots. I am fairly limited in my stitch vocabulary - I keep trying to expand it but it seems to take considerable time to improve my proficiency in each new stitch. I do try to include a new one each month. This time I was happier with my Bullion so it stayed in the piece. Hopefully the stitch-along with Stitchin' Fingers will help me improve my techniques.

Deb you have made me understand my feeling regarding the knots in the butterfly and the flower textures - the butterfly is meant to contrast with the flowers but I think it turned out to be a very 'uncomfortable' contrast. I am not sure how else to describe it.

No, I did not weave the linen - it is my favourite fabric for stitching - 26 count I think. Not great for long and short stitch without a backing.

I will certainly try another one - same design, more or less - different colours and some different stitches. Thankyou for all the positive things you have said.


Ravenhill said...

Comments on our blogs can be really helpful in our learning can't they! It is wonderful to be able to have an international brainstorming sometimes! I feel the same way about my stitches - I only use a few kinds and would like to learn more!

Paula Hewitt said...

Hi Marg - Im glad you are happier - I look forward to seeing mark one and mark two next time we meet up!

Deb said...

Cool. I think you have a good piece that can only get better as you work with it more. I'm beginning to understand the concept of series work for doing this very thing. I have a couple of pieces I want to do the same thing with, keeping the same basic design but tweaking it here and there to see what happens.
Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. Of course, we're all now heading into the June TIF challenge. Sharon is keeping us jumping, isn't she?

MargB said...

Thanks for the encouragement. Now I just need to find the time for all I would like to do this month - at least I have a concept for June TIF - that usually takes me nearly 3 weeks - and i think it suits the colours so that IS a plus.

Sandra said...

I think that I will have a go at the June challenge, although I have no idea at this stage what I will do. I love the colours this month.
I am also a big fan of all different kinds of knots and tend to use them a lot in my embroidery.

Elmsley Rose said...

Congrats on your NeedleNThread Stash win!! :-)