Saturday, June 14, 2008

May TIF - Version 2

Finished, I think. This time I used the colour challenge as well as the theme for last month's TIF. While my small granddaughters will probably love it, it is a tad pink for me!
I love the butterfly - definitely an improvement on Version 1. There is something about pulled thread work that appeals to me enormously - both the process and the product.
I am not so sure about the total piece and can see some things I would do differently in Version 3 (not sure when I will manage to do that one). It needs to be in portrait mode but I find thinking in landscape easier - can't imagine why. Maybe Version 3 should be in monochrome. Is that the wrong order in which to work?
Interestingly, I used only DMC floss for the buttonhole wheels and missed the texture of the perle from the previous piece. I haven't found much difference in my work previously except for ease of use - perhaps as my techniques improve (ever so slightly) the differences are becoming more marked.


PAULE said...

You made a great job with this one too ! Really lovely !
I browsed throught your "sumptuous surfaces" posts and you know what : your sydney opera project made me decide to join Sharon's class...
Paule -Reunion Island

Paula Hewitt said...

Hi Marg - I really like the pulled thread butterfly. I think the perle thread looks better on the buttonhole wheels - they look a bit sparse, threadwise. it is rather pink (probably too pink for my tastes too), but lovely all the same. I think this is an improvement over mark one. im looking forward to seeing the monochrome one. what colour do you think? ps thanks for email - all set for 27th - im busy patchworking not embroidering at the moment!

Elmsley Rose said...

It looks great!! I like it.

One thing I would do is put a bit of pink on the butterfly to 'tie' it to the rest of the design - or a contrasting colour. The flowers are coloured, the butterfly monochrome.

(assuming you wanted some posit-crit for this one)

Looking forward to the monochrome one. Are you going to experiment in threads first, or do you think you've already done enough of that in these two pieces?

coral-seas said...

Hi Marg

I really like it. I also enjoy your blog so have tagged you, I hope you don't mind. See this post on my blog for details.


Sandra said...

This is lovely,You have put a lot of work into it. I must go back and have a look at your sumptuous surfaces posts.

Jane said...

Very pretty TIF piece.. or should I say TIF pieces... I'm looking over the stitches list on Stitching Fingers to see where the pulled thread falls. Very pretty, now you have me interested too.

Kay said...

I like this, not too pink at all, and lovely design. I like elmsley's suggestion of pink on the butterfly to tie it in with the rest and also to make it stand out a bit. It's placed to be a focus point, but the color is light. Blue would also work, I think.

Liz said...

Maggie, I really liked the first version but I do think that version 2 is really an improvement. Personally I think the floss looks just as nice in the photo as the perle, but it may look very different in "real life." I'm curious how enlarging the butterfly would affect the overall design. Shift focus to the pulled work?