Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Well Sumptuous Surfaces has sent me off in new directions. Not only am I having to learn to design an embroidery it seemed a good time to begin a blog.

The course is wonderful - week 1 has been a steep learning curve for me and no doubt the curve will remain in that direction.

My Concept has narrowed down to "Our Family Tree". I started with the thought of circles emanating from peace in one's heart. After research on the Web and considering various symbolisms of circles and rings I was taken by the imagery of "Flower of Life". My design has been based on this.

The centre of the "Flower of Life" has 6 circles of equal diameter - I used this in my large circle to represent our family. The smaller circles represent our children's families including their spouses and our 7 grandchildren. The concentric circles enclose the entire group.


Margaret S said...
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Margaret S said...

I love the design and the reasoning behind it. A simple design that can come to life with stitches, gentle flowing stitches that represent peace and harmony. Most stitches can be treated in this way with some practice, if you overlap them then it would also represent the closeness of the family unit/s. A monotone colour scheme will also help with achieving this. Good luck can't wait to see it finished. MargaretS

Julie said...

Maggie - Welcome to the addictive world of blogging!

I like your design and concept.


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Christine said...

Wonderful design, the concept behind it & the design itself, well done! Just wish I could get to this stage. Looking forward to seeing it develop. said...

Very nice design. I like our concept, as well. pdcrumbaker