Monday, July 23, 2007

Since the arrival of Lesson 2

I have spent some time in the last few days trying out stitches- it may not be very obvious but I feel I did improve as time went on. Portuguese stem stitch certainly looked better when I followed the instructions properly (in the small circle) and hopefully this will show in the actual piece. I did hesitate about adding this scan but feel it is important for me to document this exercise as accurately as possible.

I have come up with a tentative stitch plan for the outlines and background. I really like the effect of using Moonshine with the linen for the background - unfortunately it did not show up in the sample scan.

I omitted a border which it probably needs. It could be brown whipped stem stitch. My colour scheme so far is very pale - however I am hopeful that the addition of darker beads in the next part will add sufficient contrast .


ACey said...

I really admire your stitching especially the pulled work

ACey said...
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