Friday, December 7, 2012

Small things!

This morning Sharon on Pintangle  highlighted a video on making little gift boxes.

 About 7 years ago I made a dozen or so using surface treated fabric from an exchange.  I have gifted all but this one so took a quick photograph to show my effort.

Now I just might have to try some embroidery on the fabric before I make another.

It would be a change from my current biscornu obsession


Jane Galley said...

The biscournus look fabulous in a group together like that

Triche said...

I followed the name link from your comment on Sharon's site this morning in order to see your box (which I like, especially that fabric), but—oh, my! Am I in trouble now! I'd never heard of biscornu before. Talk about pressing my love-of-geometry button! And they're perfect for Aida, too! I'm sunk. You'll have me making these cuties for months now!

jp said...

Hi Marg,
Good to see you getting your blog up and running again. How did you get your fabric boxes to hold their shape?
Jenny P