Friday, April 20, 2012

Totally knotted!

Although I did add a few knots after the TAST stitch for the week was announced, this knot picture has been quite some time in hte making.  It was begun on a day when there was a need for colour in my life.  I love monochromatic colour schemes - especially white and cream but eventually I find the need to branch out into some wild colour work - I think I was working on , what seemed at the time, to be an interminable foursided hem on a cream table square.  The problem was what to stitch.  I thought I might be able to translate a picture using little knots.  I have intended to follow up knot pictures ever since I finished the knot garden I stitched from instructions in a book a few years ago.

I used a single strand of DMC floss and some 2/20 weaving yarn which is fortunately of much the same weight.

While I have not contributed any work with stem or satin stitch - I do have photos to add soon.  we spent some time at the beach recently hence the tardiness.

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Miss 376 said...

I love knots. This looks just like a painting