Friday, December 11, 2009

A Family Concern

Two of our grandchildren were with us this week. Gramps used his CAD program to draw hearts of various sizes, stars and even Christmas trees. The children cut out the patterns - I cut and stitched the fabric pieces which they stuffed. The real fun followed - they raided my sequin stash and these are a couple of examples. (Only a 10 year old boy would want a smiley on his ornament)!
Embroiderywise, I am trying to make up my mind what might constitute a series. What sort of linkage is necessary to form a unified collection of a number of pieces on the same theme?
The same, or toning, colours and possibly stitches. Do I need aspects of both? Can I do something else? Do I need to make sure that the same style of embroidery is used in each piece? Any ideas on this subject?I would be most grateful for any input.
I have started. I only have a fairly basic idea of what I want to do and it is very fluid at this stage. I am not sure how many pieces there will be. The only given is the subject matter - gum trees (eucalypts), their bark patterns, leaves etc.. My inspiration is no further than the back door and any number of different leaf shapes turn up on the lawn each day. The box lid embroidery in the last entry will not be part of this exercise as it is intended for a gift but I would like to make another piece quite similar. So please don your thinking caps and share your thoughts.


Paula Hewitt said...

you have all been busy! they look great - very well stuffed!

i dont have any thoughts on the series...

neki desu said...

hi Marg
re series : for what is worth i work around an idea or theme. usually the idea comes with a "embedded" color for ex. the sea.if not i think of colors that can express it.
then i work around it until i exhaust all the possibilities i can think of. or i get exhausted.
it will generate many variations as you work and that's good because you'll end up with material to choose from.
what gives coherence to a series is the idea or concept behind so you can use a variety of stitches or techniques( within certain limits) to express it.
hope this helps
happy holidays!

Jenny said...

So glad you are keeping the craft alive.

MargB said...

Thankyou everyone for the comments and your insights on series, Neki. I have been AWOL but hopefully am back and, if not running, at least moving.
The gum trees series has not been forgotten but is quietly fermenting in the corner.