Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My December TIF

Well this will be a record - I can write up my TIF effort by the 3rd of the month. Sharon has given the concept of generosity for the month's theme. Now December is a very busy time in this household - we have visitors as well as the big celebration of the year so I have decided that since the gods are smiling on me I will be grateful that I can finish the year on such a positive note!

What is even more wonderful is to complete the year with this concept and feel it has really come a full circle. You may remember that in January the theme was based on the idea of considering someone you look up to. My chosen person is the most generous person I know so this was the attribute I considered for that theme. At that time an outstretched hand seemed to me to be the most appropriate way to portray this attribute and I still like this symbol.

Also because it was January and my enthusiasm for the challenge was at its peak I even managed to produce a piece using the chosen colours for the month so, if I withdraw my generosity piece, I still have produced 12+ pieces for the year , despite my using a slightly mature piece for November.

I have enjoyed the year's challenge very much and want to participate in next year's exercise that Sharon is offering on relatively unknown embroidery styles and stitches. To what extent I will do so I am not sure at this stage. I have found the years exercises really made me think and certainly extended what I had learned from the Sumptuous Surfaces class both in how I approach a concept and my stitch vocabulary. However I now have a number of directions I want to explore in embroidery and, as well, I am really getting anxious to try the loom again and find out if I have forgotten how to weave or not.


Alarttex said...

Hi Maggie

Very wise words and your picture, I like very much your work, I remember!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Maria del Valle

Magpie Sue said...

Well, good for you! This is very appropriate for the theme of generosity. An open hand was one of the ideas that flitted through my brain too. You've done a beautiful job executing it.

Plays with Needles said...

This is another beautiful piece of embroidery...I have really enjoyed your pieces this year...many of them have landed in my inspiration file. I look forward to seeing more to come...

Cat said...

I just fell in love with your hand and flowers...and partly because I made a similar image back in 2007.

Sympatico, No?