Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pintangle and Jacarandas

I didn't do this very well yesterday. Sharon has moved her blog to pintangle - she has given it a spring clean so go have a peek. Make sure you she gave us a day or so ago. I have added the Christmas decoration design she has shared to my 'to do' list. Should be an interesting exercise as I have not tried couching yet.

Sharon initiated an interesting discussion on blogs and whether or not it is important to stick to the topic has come up. This made me think about mine and my first question would have to be "Why am I writing this blog?" Is it for me? Or the readers? I can only answer for myself .

The main reason is for me to have an easily accessible record of my work - I wish I had started a blog years ago when I was dyeing and weaving regularly. While I did keep quite detailed paper records the ability to access any particular draft or dye recipe has become so very time consuming now- sometimes I think it might be easier to start again.

Then last year I rediscovered embroidery - something I never anticipated I would ever do again. I find myself absolutely rapt. So now I need to keep a fairly detailed record of this wonderful new adventure. It never fails to amaze me that other people might also be interested in what I am doing,

I reply when I can to comments and I delight in the new blogs I discover this way. My textile world has widened beyond belief since I started this journey about 16 months ago.

As for "off topic"I find I am interested in all sorts of things, the books other people read, their photos, their vacations, their gardens, their cooking adventures, the ups and downs of their daily lives - these all keep me enthralled - sometimes to the detriment of other things I might be doing. Some of my favourite 'textile ' oriented blogs venture far and wide and I realise how much I do enjoy this.

After all this introspection I have decided that I would like to try to widen my focus and start to include other things slightly off topic. I am an avid reader when I get the time - so be prepared to find details of my current reading in this in future.

I have also made a New Year resolution to be a better blogger (Yes, I know New Year is not quite here yet, but aren't the best resolutions test driven well in advance?) My textile output is fairly slow so some off topic input may help.

Now for the eye candy - definitely on topic - these photographs are the inspiration for my November TIF. I hope I can deliver. This tree is in the park around the corner and was at its best in late October.

I really love jacarandas and have left mature trees we planted in various gardens around the country. There are 3 magnificent ones on the 2 acres we had to leave three years ago when we returned to this little block in the city. Unfortunately not even I am optimistic enough to think that we could grow one on this miniblock, but that does not prevent me from revelling in the clouds of blue flowers all over Brisbane each October-November. When I was at Uni the accepted folklore was that if the lovely blooms had already appeared it really was much too late to start to cram. I am unable to verify this - never really brave enough to test it!


Jocelyn in NZ said...

I'm with you, Marg - I too love to read about things other than just textile, fabric, embroidery stuff on people's blogs. It can be fascinating to catch little glimpses into their lives.

I guess if there ends up being way more off-topic than on-topic I would consider unsubscribing from that blog - unless the person had a particlularly interesting life, LOL :)

The jacarandas you showed us are gorgeous; they truly are lovely trees aren't they. I love the folklore about being too late to study for exams.

Paula Hewitt said...

well you know I go off topic at the drop of a hat. however i think that resolutely on topic blogs can get boring . so can blogs that are all photos and little text - its nice to see what others are making but i prefer to read about the process/inspiration etc as well as the 'eye candy' - oh how i despise that phrase - like fingernails down a blackboard!)

the off topic stuff often relates to the on-topic - eg: i go for a walk in the rainforest, take photos, write about it and they inform my embroidery choices. and sometimes a glimpse into someones life is just interesting or amusing.

as for who do you write the blog for - well I think of it a a personal journal with an audience. I wouldnt bother writing my blog for myself (I have never been a navel gazing journal keeper), but it is for me, not my readers - i dont care if 5, 50 or 500 people read my blog - worrying too much about what readers want seems to fall into the realm of trying to make money from your blog or becoming 'famous'. I just like the fact Ive made some nice on-line friends and blogging is a good way to keep in touch - if i cant come to their place for coffee ;)

ps the word verifcation for this is stroping. do i sound like im in a strop?

Judy said...

I keep leaving jacarandas behind, but the new one has three clusters of flowers this year. Better than a new baby 'cos I don't have to change nappies!
As for blogs, on or off topic,the most interesting life can be boring if the blogger is a boring writer.